iTunes via Windows Remote Desktop

 How to enable USB Redirection Remote Desktop (Windows on, sorry)

iTunes via Windows Remote Desktop

Connect iPhone to iTunes via Remote Desktop

We all know the the pain of using iTunes. What an embarrassment for Apple. My biggest gripe is I can't put a single file on the phone. I have to synchronize which means you have to have all of your files on the computer you are synchronising with. What if I'm not at my main computer? what if I'm at the office, my brother, anywhere else?? If you synchronise on another computer you lose everything, Music, pictures, everything.

A great way to get around this is to remote desktop to your home computer and synchronise remotely however there are are bunch of hurdles to do this.

The following instructions assume you already have remote desktop setup and you're just trying to connect the iPhone though Remote Desktop to the remote iTunes application.

Do the following on both local and remote computer

Run GPEDIT.MSC to activate the Group Policy Editor.

In Group Policy, navigate to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, 

Windows Components, Remote Desktop Services, 

Remote Desktop Connection Client, RemoteFX USB Device Redirection

Edit 'Allow RDP redirection of other supported RemoteFX USB devices from this computer.'

Enable the policy.

Go to the  Remote Desktop Session Host , Device and Resource Redirection, Do not allow supported Plug and Play device redirection.

Set this to Disabled as you DO want to allow.

Run command prompt as Admin and run  "gpupdate /force"

Lastly, reboot

When you run Remote Desktop Set Local Resources, more button,  and select the Apple device.

When you connect you will see the little computer icon in the status bar at the top.


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