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Remove windows 7 from boot list

Most people will point you to the boot.ini however in Vista this file does not exists. The easiest way is to: In the start menu type msconfig and hit enter Navigate to the boot tab. Select the OS you would like to boot and set it as the default. You can delete the windows 7 OS now if you want.

Plasma aspect ratio problem fixed

There are a number of cheap plasma tv’s hitting the market that have a native resolution of 1024x768 . This resolution indicates it has an aspect ratio of 4:3 however the screen is widescreen 16:9. What is going on is they have used non square pixels! I plugged my computer in to the screen and set the resolution on my computer to 1024x768 knowing that was the resolution of the screen. Everything appeared stretched!. The first thing I did was start fiddling with the resolution on my vista box but after a few minutes realised that no resolution would look as crisp as 1024x768 because this is the TV’s native resolution. (hmmmm) After much searching for a way to tell vista that the pixel aspect ratio was not 1:1 I found the solution. (Sorta) If I set the computer to 1280x720 the tv “somehow” knows what you are trying to do and manages to chop and stretch the picture to hit the pixels on the screen perfectly just like 1024x768. This is not the perfect solution because you are still relying