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IPhone Virus / Adware

I finally got a virus on my IPhone. It's jailbroken so my friends would say 'told you so'. I hit update all in Cydia and assumed one of the tweaks I was using had the virus so I removed them all and still didn't get rid of it. Finally I found the issue was an app I downloaded with App cake. There are lots of them which have evil adware in them.

IPhone battery scam

I've been ordering IPhone 5 batteries over the last few weeks but haven't had much luck. Any battery claiming to have a higher capacity is a scam and may even be a recycled battery with a sticker over it. I was sent IPhone 5c batteries with stickers saying they were for the IPhone Iphone 5. Many EBay sellers are oblivious scams and they all cross ship from the same supplier here in Australia. Pictures below show the difference in ribbon length between the 5 and 5s