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Pressure cooker cleaning

I recently poured a container of soup in to my pressure cooker without the bowel inside. I tried to clean it for a while before realising this was a waste of time and the pressure cooker was destined for the trash. Before throwing it away I decided to check online to see if there was any way to take it apart to clean it. Nowhere on the vast internet could I find anything. Time to experiment. 1. Remove all the screws from the bottom of the cooker. 2. Pop the bottom off. It was a little stiff 3. Take a picture of all the electrical cables so we can put them back at the end. I would say this is the most important step! 4. Remove the internal hot plate by removing the rest of the screws. 5. Make sure the transformer is nice and clean. Mine luckily had nothing inside. 6. Clean everything and put it back together. 7. Make sure it is nice a dry before putting it back together. 8. Turn it on. Mine is not as good as new.