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Importing a car from interstate to South Australia

Purchasing a car from interstate to S.A South Australia I recently found I could save $5000 on a can which costs $20,000 here in Adelaide by purchasing it from W.A. Here is my process with a used 2015 Mitsubishi ASX at $15000 in June 2017 Call the dealer and have him take more pictures of the vehicle and email them to me. Tires, carpet etc, lots of close ups. Email me the purchase documents which I signed scanned and emailed back. EFT the full value of the vehicle to them. They ship the car the next day unlicensed. This means they cancel the registration and remove the number plates. The day it arrived in S.A. I got a call to pick it up from Gawler?? Miles away. Get online to Eyzreg and get a day permit for the vehicle $45.  Print out the temp rego. Go pick it up and drive to Regency park or Lonsdale to have them check it out. No appointment necessary just wait in line. Drive to the motor registration office ”Services