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The best free IPhone apps list

The best free IPhone Apps list I purchased my first IPhone a month ago and have killed it 3 times already. After hacking and cracking it’s now running everything I need and is a great tool. This lists some of the best Iphone applications I have found. I can’t be bothers putting full descriptions next to them but they are all free so you can download them to find out what they do. Jail Broken Apps Categories BossPrefs vWallpaper Mplayer (all codecs!!!) aTube MxTube SoundHound (but only 5 matches :( ) iFile PdaNet OpenSSH Safari Download Plug-In VoIPover3G WinterBoard Games Air Hocky Auditorium Impossible ZenBound The Creeps! TM Zero Ant Wars Apps Sex Offenders. (OMG , this thing lets me know if there are any sex offenders around me, crazy) Flixster Cooliris Pandora (Sorry Australia only works in USA) Shazam PS Mobile Skype Wallpapers Download Manager Pocket Pix Remote Desktop Bump Units