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Facebook privacy problems

Facebook privacy settings. As many of you know I have been very hesitant in using Facebook because of privacy issues and Facebook policies on selling personally identifiable information. Last month I started using aliases to test the Facebook platform and to write a Facebook application. I was horrified to learn what information was accessible to me once a user clicks "Allow". The video below shows how, when you use these applications they can gather information about your friends even if your friends have strict privacy settings. Last month I noticed two new privacy settings. "Show my friends list" and "Tags in videos and photos". These new settings claim to stop friends seeing other friends and stop friends seeing your tag in photos. After playing with these settings I noticed all of my friends were still in the suggestion box for other friends to see and my tags are still shown on photos!!!!!! I wrote to Patrick at Facebook. Patrick asked me to send hi

How to contact Facebook

If you are having trouble finding how to contact Facebook, dont blame yourself. It took me a while to find after going round in circles. Login to Facebook and do the following. 1. In the top menu click Help Centre 2. Click the Privacy link 3. Scroll to the bottom and click Bugs and known problems 4. Scroll to the bottom and click I would like to report a bug with my updated privacy settings. 5. Click the Here link 6. Click the link My updated privacy settings are not working correctly. 7. Click the Here link You should now be at the following page!/help/contact.php?show_form=updated_privacy_bug There may be other ways to get to this form but this was the first way I found. I received a useless response within 12 hours. Good luck!