Moving Google Backup and Sync

Reinstalling windows or moving to a new computer with Google Backup & Sync. I recently purchased a new computer and installed Google Backup and Sync. I have an external hard drive with 1TB of photos on it which is backup with Google. When I added this to the app it started backing it up again as if it were a new folder. I searched everywhere to be able to map it to the existing backup but couldn't find anything so I had a stab for myself. Luckily the first thing I tried worked.  This will only work if you have access to the old computer. I first made sure the path to the external drive was the same as the original computer. Then copied everything from the the C:\Users\Caleb\AppData\Local\Google\Drive folder to the new computer. This tricked the application in to thinking it was an existing install and the external hard drive was an existing backup. Backup and Sync had a little hiccup when I ran it but after it "Processed" (Compared the hash of my local files with the

iTunes via Windows Remote Desktop

 How to enable USB Redirection Remote Desktop (Windows on, sorry) iTunes via Windows Remote Desktop Connect iPhone to iTunes via Remote Desktop We all know the the pain of using iTunes. What an embarrassment for Apple. My biggest gripe is I can't put a single file on the phone. I have to synchronize which means you have to have all of your files on the computer you are synchronising with. What if I'm not at my main computer? what if I'm at the office, my brother, anywhere else?? If you synchronise on another computer you lose everything, Music, pictures, everything. A great way to get around this is to remote desktop to your home computer and synchronise remotely however there are are bunch of hurdles to do this. The following instructions assume you already have remote desktop setup and you're just trying to connect the iPhone though Remote Desktop to the remote iTunes application. Do the following on both local and remote computer Run GPEDIT.MSC to activate the Group

Pressure cooker cleaning

I recently poured a container of soup in to my pressure cooker without the bowel inside. I tried to clean it for a while before realising this was a waste of time and the pressure cooker was destined for the trash. Before throwing it away I decided to check online to see if there was any way to take it apart to clean it. Nowhere on the vast internet could I find anything. Time to experiment. 1. Remove all the screws from the bottom of the cooker. 2. Pop the bottom off. It was a little stiff 3. Take a picture of all the electrical cables so we can put them back at the end. I would say this is the most important step! 4. Remove the internal hot plate by removing the rest of the screws. 5. Make sure the transformer is nice and clean. Mine luckily had nothing inside. 6. Clean everything and put it back together. 7. Make sure it is nice a dry before putting it back together. 8. Turn it on. Mine is not as good as new.

Configuration for Classic ASP Development, IIS Setup

Configuration for Classic ASP first time windows 10  Development This document applies IIS 7.5 running on Windows 7 or 10, but should be similar for other versions of IIS and Windows.    1. Prerequisites     2. IIS Configuration a. Configure Application Pool Create application pool for your application.     Open Advanced Settings for the app pool b. Configure Site Add a new application under Default Web Site Click on  Connect as...  to verify that the application is running under the application pool identity Click on the newly created application to display the settings pane set the following settings (double-click on the appropriate icon)  Open web.config for your application and ensure that the system.webServers section contains the following entries: <system.webServer>     <httpProtocol>         <customHeaders>             <remove name="X-UA-Compatible" />         </customHeaders>

MyRepublic KEEP AWAY

MYRepublic.Net Australia This has been the most painful experience in getting internet. No one knows anything about how the internet works or the process you need to go through to get it. They made me sign up with Telstra and then cancel which costs $200 "No other way" they said. You will have to call them at least 10 times and wait on hold for 35 minutes each time. Then after 6 weeks you may be connected. Then you will find out they have crippled your connection. You will be behind a NAT!!! Crazy. When they say My republic they mean their republic not yours.

Importing a car from interstate to South Australia

Purchasing a car from interstate to S.A South Australia I recently found I could save $5000 on a can which costs $20,000 here in Adelaide by purchasing it from W.A. Here is my process with a used 2015 Mitsubishi ASX at $15000 in June 2017 Call the dealer and have him take more pictures of the vehicle and email them to me. Tires, carpet etc, lots of close ups. Email me the purchase documents which I signed scanned and emailed back. EFT the full value of the vehicle to them. They ship the car the next day unlicensed. This means they cancel the registration and remove the number plates. The day it arrived in S.A. I got a call to pick it up from Gawler?? Miles away. Get online to Eyzreg and get a day permit for the vehicle $45.  Print out the temp rego. Go pick it up and drive to Regency park or Lonsdale to have them check it out. No appointment necessary just wait in line. Drive to the motor registration office ”Services

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ57 review

Unfortunately I have noting good to say about this camera. After using it for two weeks I have failed to achieve even the simplest of tasks a point and shoot super zoom camera should do. I was unable to get a zoomed shot of a monkey in full light,10 meters from me, not moving. Every single one was out of focus. This same task with the equivalent Olympus was achieved the first time I picked it up. Using the selfie function causes the camera to crash (unless there is no detail in the picture or you turn the mp down) The only photos it can do well are in the middle of the day with a lot of sun, not zoomed. Non standard charging port! Pathetic Panasonic. You can and have done so much better. Back to Costco you go.