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Configuration for Classic ASP Development, IIS Setup

Configuration for Classic ASP first time windows 10  Development This document applies IIS 7.5 running on Windows 7 or 10, but should be similar for other versions of IIS and Windows.    1. Prerequisites     2. IIS Configuration a. Configure Application Pool Create application pool for your application.     Open Advanced Settings for the app pool b. Configure Site Add a new application under Default Web Site Click on  Connect as...  to verify that the application is running under the application pool identity Click on the newly created application to display the settings pane set the following settings (double-click on the appropriate icon)  Open web.config for your application and ensure that the system.webServers section contains the following entries: <system.webServer>     <httpProtocol>         <customHeaders>             <remove name="X-UA-Compatible" />         </customHeaders>