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Mazda 3 2008 Vs Verada 2001 comparison

In 2005 I decided to purchase a car I had been looking at for a few years. It seemed to have all the mod cones that you would expect in a luxury car. After purchasing it my friends asked why I would ever by a Mitsubishi. They are terrible, unreliable, poor quality and won't go the distance they would say. In 2011 I decided to purchase one of the most popular cars in the country. This one my friends would approve of and sing my praise for purchasing. The Mazda 3. Admittedly the Mazda is more attractive than the Verada but after driving it for a few months I decides to write the following comparison between this car and the old one. Here we go. Mazda Cons Speaker vibration No power (2L compared to 3.6) Changes to overdrive gear in low revs fault Slow gear change when slowing then accelerating No sensor in rear-view mirror for auto dim No trip computer Poorly designed cavities to catch debris in body work No boot release on keys No immobiliser No alarm Annoying unnec