Mazda 3 2008 Vs Verada 2001 comparison

In 2005 I decided to purchase a car I had been looking at for a few years. It seemed to have all the mod cones that you would expect in a luxury car. After purchasing it my friends asked why I would ever by a Mitsubishi. They are terrible, unreliable, poor quality and won't go the distance they would say.

In 2011 I decided to purchase one of the most popular cars in the country. This one my friends would approve of and sing my praise for purchasing. The Mazda 3. Admittedly the Mazda is more attractive than the Verada but after driving it for a few months I decides to write the following comparison between this car and the old one. Here we go.

Mazda Cons

  1. Speaker vibration
  2. No power (2L compared to 3.6)
  3. Changes to overdrive gear in low revs fault
  4. Slow gear change when slowing then accelerating
  5. No sensor in rear-view mirror for auto dim
  6. No trip computer
  7. Poorly designed cavities to catch debris in body work
  8. No boot release on keys
  9. No immobiliser
  10. No alarm
  11. Annoying unnecessary warning sounds
  12. Cruse control not as responsive
  13. Seat belt alarm when no one in seat
  14. No idle speed adjustment
  15. Spare key costs $430
  16. Unintuitive drivers side auto electric window.
  17. No timer after ignition switched off to put windows up etc.
  18. No climate control
  19. No temperature gauge for inside and out
  20. No variable intermittent windscreen wipers
  21. Rain floods cabin when windows open
  22. Cup holders don't fit Ice coffee

Mazda Prose

  1. 9L/100km
  2. Boot arms do not intrude into boot space creating extra room
  3. Good looking car
  4. Nice red lighting on gauges
  5. AUX stereo input
  6. Mp3 stereo

All of the things listed in the cons the Mitsubishi Verada has and are designed well. All of the prose it doesn't have. Below is the list of problems with the Verada.

  1. Strange vibration when accelerating hard in to a corner.
  2. Bad smell - (I accidentally spilled a laksa in the back seat and could never get rid of the rancid smell)
  3. Fuel consumption 14.5l/100km
  4. Rain floods cabin when windows open

These major differences prompted me to drive my friends cars who had spoken so poorly of the Verada. Maybe the Mazda was a dud. After diving them I have concluded that they had no basis for their attitude towards the Verada. Neither did they have any real knowledge of the Mazda. Everything they had quoted was from friends and friends of friends who had never had either car.

Conclusion:- you can conclude what you like


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