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I recently succumbed to peer pressure and purchased an IPhone. I quickly became addicted to downloading free apps and games. I then started working out how to write IPhone apps and jailbroke, unlocked and installed my first app. This experience allowed me to start playing with other application settings and thats how I found some cheats for IPhone games.

For the cheat today you will need to be able to access the file system of your IPhone. You can do this with a jail broken phone using IPhoneBrowser.exe and a windows box or by using the IFile application found in Cyder.

There are two version of Tower Madness. In this example I will use TM Zero.

IFile will give you the application path of TM Zero if you turn the "Application Names" on. On my IPhone it is

Once you find the application path go to the TM Zero .app folder and look for files ending in gamemode. These files hold all of the settings for the corresponding map. Open the file in a text editor like notepad or in IFile and change whatever you want. I like adding 100000 starting money :)

BTW, I have tried everything to win Endurance with unlimited money. Nothing works; I think you have to purchase the flamethrower.

Three years on and I decided to have another go. The flamethrower is still the only way.

Wasn't even a challenge


  1. Thanks for the tip about the money boost.
    As for Endurance, you might want to try to use the ElectroBoost, and a couple of plasmatron to open/close the pathway, and make the aliens go back and forth

  2. I did as you suggested and posted a picture of one of my attempt. Still no luck :(

  3. tnx for this helpful tip you are a great help ^_^ it all went well.

  4. get iap cracker from cydia, you can buy anything from the store free

  5. You can download the game from here for free.


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