Rendering settings for YouTube

The following link explains the best rendering settings for many video editing applications. Of course it doesn’t have the settings for my editor, "Sony Vegas" but everything is much the same except the "Prepare for internet Streaming" section.

To comply with this setting you will have to run another program called MP4 FastStart found here. This will quickly move the imbedded video meta data to the beginning of the video file. Vegas appends this information to the end of the video stream causing people to have to download the whole file before it can play.

This also stops the error on you tube :

"The MOV/MP4 file you uploaded contains the index at the end. We prefer you flatten the file before uploading so that the index is in the front of the file. See this article for more information."

The number designation is, in all cases, the vertical resolution. For 16:9 content, 360p = 640x360; 480p = 854x480; 720p = 1280x720; 1080p = 1920x1080. If you upload a larger size, it will be scaled down to fit, e.g. uploading at 960x540 will get scaled down to 480p.

To trigger the higher resolution encodings, in addition to the frame size, you also need proportionally higher bitrates. For example, for 480p I personally use 2000 kbps, and for 1280p I use 6000 kbps. YMMV.

When using Sony Vegas I use MainConcept AVC/AAC(*.mp4) at 640x360 or 640x480 if needed and at a bit rate of 5000 (MAX 7k)

"This video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete."

This message indicates the following.

  • The picture quality of the resolution you are watching will improve.
  • There may be a higher quality version still rendering.
  • The sound of the current video could improve.

I nearly re uploaded a 100mb video as the sound was awful. Within 2 minutes it became perfect at the same resolution (360)


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